11 Superior Batch Oven for Demanding Heating processes

The most advanced Convection Batch Oven
for soldering and heating tasks
that demand the highest level of process control.

Until December 2018, the Best Batch Oven ever made was the X-Reflow306/S.

But the world changes rapidly. Following requests from electronics industry leading companies, Bokar International developed another larger, faster, hotter, better sealed oven and equipped it with an on-board Residual O2 Monitor and 8-Channel Temperature Data Logger.

XSO- Convection Super Oven

The XSO SuperOven will enter limited production in June 2019.  It is not replacing the X-Reflow306/S, which remains the most cost-effective Bench Top, Full Convection Batch Oven. 

The new Super Oven is the Top of the line. It is the fastest, the most powerful and also has a PC program allowing operation of the oven from a PC.

In summary, XSO SuperOven between the Batch Ovens is like Bugatti Veyron among Super Cars  




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XSO- Convection Super Oven.

Find out why the X-Reflow306/S is the second most advanced Batch Oven today

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Reflow area

12”x12”x1.75” (305x305x45 mm)

Temperature range

30°C to 350°C

Number of Zones

Purging, to push oxygen out + three to nine zones, set by the operator for each program. Last 2 zones are cooling zones. Total up to 10 (ten) zones, as needed.


2 Heaters (Front and Rear) 3,45kW (230V) and 3.45KW (208V) 
(Please specify voltage to receive correct heaters)

Max. PCB size

12”x12” (306x306 mm)

Supply Requirements

30 amps, 230V 50/60 Hz  (Max power consumption: 6.9 kW)

Advanced Cooling Module

Separate box connected to the oven via pneumatic and electrical lines and to the source of N2 or shop air.

Cooling media: Nitrogen or Shop Air (or both). Temperature to cool to and the SCFM (l/min) of the cooling media defined by the operator in the program.

Cooling gas enters the heating chamber and is distributed to the top of the heated object via 16 openings on 4 sides of the chamber. In soldering applications advanced cooling produces more reliable soldering connections and helps to handle heated objects after the heating cycle.

Opening and closure of the exhaust port during cooling cycles is automatic.

Monitoring Window Size

7.8”x7.8” (200×200 mm)

Nitrogen Connection

Standard Connector. Nitrogen pressure:1/2-1bar (7-14.5 psi) 


L=30”xW=20”xH=12” (L=480mm x W=711mm x H=200mm)

Weight (unpacked)

                                   108lbs. (~49 kg)

Computer profile control

Allows pre-programming, storage and recall of up to 255 programs

Communication with PC

RS485 port ( XKAR X485-USB converter required to connect to PC’s USB port)

Instruction Manual for the X-Reflow 306/S
List of Errors displayed by Oven X-Reflow 306